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From olive to oil

The olive harvest is the perfect experience to immerse yourself 360° in the heart of Azienda Del Carmine. From the first days of October it is possible to experience this magical tradition to witness firsthand the entire production process of a very high quality oil.

We start with a good and healthy breakfast in our Agri Resort and then begin with a pleasant walk among our olive groves. The Del Carmine team of experts will guide the expedition the entire time, taking care of providing all the equipment and information necessary to best carry out the activity. At the end of the harvest there will be a moment of relaxation with a small refreshment and refreshment.

At the end of the day, for those who wish to continue with the experience, the harvest will be taken to our oil mill where it is possible to witness the various stages of production of our oil and appreciate the enveloping smells that are released during milling. To conclude, a small tasting will follow to savor the thousand nuances of a freshly extracted oil.

The activity is suitable for everyone and is carried out at a relaxed pace to best enjoy this unique experience. It is not mandatory to participate in the entire day: for those who do not wish to continue, it is possible to dedicate themselves to other experiences, take advantage of our swimming pool or visit the suggestive landscape surrounding the estate.

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The olive harvesting experience takes place during the olive harvesting season in October upon reservation. The activity is open to all and linked to the variable weather: in case of rain or bad weather the activity is postponed.

What to expect...

The Harvest

Quiet walk suitable for everyone, guided by our experts with small refreshments at the end of the activity. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

The Processing

Possibility of witnessing the pressing of freshly harvested olives through the milling process in our oil mill.

The Tasting

Tasting of freshly extracted oil to enjoy the exceptional smells and flavors that characterize a true high quality oil.

Enjoy Del Carmine

Treat yourself to a singular experience in this green oasis between relaxation and stimulating activities in the name of tradition and simplicity. Azienda Del Carmine is waiting for you!

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