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Tavola Del Carmine is among the 5 best restaurants in Ancona according to Gambero Rosso

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It is with great pleasure and deep satisfaction that we announce the inclusion of Tavola Del Carmine among the best places included in the 2024 Restaurants of Italy guide, chosen by Gambero Rosso.

In a culinary panorama in which excellence is both an expectation and a mission, Del Carmine has always stood out for its constant commitment providing a contemporary culinary and genuine journey in full harmony with the Marche tradition. This recognition from Gambero Rosso, a beacon of Italian gastronomic expertise, is a testament to the passion, creativity and dedication that our culinary team dedicates to every dish in order to create an unprecedented culinary experience.

La Tavola Del Carmine has long been a reference for those who appreciate the combination of culinary tradition linked to the territory and a constant search for gastronomic innovation. The cuisine of chef Marco Scaramucci, who has led the restaurant team since 2017, is defined as "traditionally contemporary" as it uses the maximum technique and technology available today but at the same time lays solid foundations in the Marche tradition.

The home-produced extra virgin olive oil is the fulcrum on which our entire offer is based. In our farm, immersed in the green countryside that flanks the Conero Nature Reserve, we take care of the olive from harvesting to pressing, with rigorous and diligent attention. Our purpose is to provide our consumers with a very high quality product capable of offering exceptional aromas and the best organoleptic qualities that only a true extra virgin olive oil can offer.

At Azienda Del Carmine, everything related to nature is our priority: every day we take care of every single piece of land to obtain zero kilometer and top quality raw materials. Thus, we work with solemn mastery, composing a culinary offer with particular attention to the visual and aesthetic impact.

Gambero Rosso, with its celebrated authority in fine dining, has recognized the nuanced flavors, meticulous craftsmanship and innovative spirit that define our culinary narrative. A journey that can be found within our oil-based menu, a tasting in which the dishes are paired with the different types of oils we produce.

Del Carmine, now recognized among the gastronomic elite of Ancora, invites you to take part in a sensorial journey through the culinary creativity and refined flavors given by the single-varietal extra virgin olive oil produced by our mill. Get ready to immerse yourself into a mood of refined elegance, where every dish is a manifestation of culinary skill and every moment is an exploration of the sublime Italian cuisine.

La Tavola del Carmine awaits the pleasure of your company!